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Ministry of Economy and FinanceClarification from the MEF: payments from General Government bodies are improving. No need for special funding

Press Release N° 106 of 05/31/2019

The MEF explains that there is no need for any special funding measures to be developed or put in place, nor for any issue of small-denomination government bonds, for dealing with the alleged delays in payments from Italian General Government bodies.

The situation of payments from General Government bodies is constantly improving.

In 2018 about 20 million invoices were paid on average 1 day earlier than the deadlines set by the law.

This is encouraging: just two years ago the delay was 16 days. This average data is the result of a considerable effort, albeit with obvious differences between the different segments and territorial areas.

In the light of the foregoing, there is clearly no ground for concerns and criticisms, which were expressed without taking into account the up-to-date data published by the MEF. See also


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